Payman's Progress

It was a pleasant surprise to find Payman transferred from primary to intermediate ICU today. Her appearance certainly gives credit to a remarkable change in medical status from one day to the next. Yesterday she was still breathing with the assistance of a ventilator and sedated. This afternoon, Payman is breathing independently and moving freely in her bed!

Her grandmother, a particularly strong woman, pulled me to see Payman for myself upon arrival. I couldn't have resisted if I tried. It was a happy occasion seeing Payman making such progress. Doting over her graddaughter with light-hearted chatter and compliments, "Nana" ("Grandma" in Kurdish) Payman invited us to rejoice with her.

Payman opened her eyes briefly and hinted at a smile before drifting off to sleep again. Never have I seen a more beautiful portrait of peace than a sleeping child. Her soft rhythmic breathing brought a hushed tone to the room. Leaving Payman to rest, we prayed together and said goodbye. As we enter a time of Sabbath rest in Israel, I trust that God is healing Payman in her moments of quiet slumber.


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