“Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity” – Psalm 133

Our precious Maryam from Iraq had a catheterization today to see if she is ready for her next surgery in Israel:

Doctors at #shebamedicalcenter in Israel are struggling to wean Gazan baby Saif from the ventilator he's been on since birth:

The names jumped off the medical reports received this week for two emergency newborns from the Gaza Strip. These appeared to be clans well-known in Israel for past involvement in suicide bombings and abductions. How should we respond?

We have been praying for His peace to surround all of us this week as the eleven families from Iraq have lost hope after hope due to canceled flights:

Asking prayer for Deema from Gaza; tomorrow's echo under sedation at Hadassah hospital is the last chance to find medical care to reverse her heart failure:

What does Zadok the priest have to do with Jesus?

Praise God for the arrival this week of two nurses, Debi from America and Erika from Germany (who celebrated her birthday today in mandatory two-week quarantine)

The nurse at #shebamedicalcenter commented on how content Khader from Gaza is, considering all the difficulties he's had:

When he was rolled back in his mobile crib, it was such a relief to see him again. It was hard to think it was the same baby we had visited a while ago. My innermost rejoiced over this adorable boy:

This morning in our community Bible study we saw the importance of holding fast to the promises of God, instead of being swayed by human suggestions:

Newborn Ghada from East Jerusalem has reached the #shebamedicalcenter -- snug and warm and awaiting her emergency heart surgery in the morning:

I entered the departures hall with some confidence, went to a kiosk, and just succeeded to type in my name and reservation number. Red lights on the kiosk started flashing and airline personnel were summoned. I half expected a net to drop from the ceiling.

We had a joyful celebration for our Kurdish babies Adam, Lawi, Adleen and Mohammed's first birthdays this afternoon! πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚ ...

PRAYER NEEDED: Hospitals in Israel are filling with emergency babies from Gaza, with more on the way:

I said farewell to my bride yesterday after celebrating our 38th anniversary. And in a few hours I'm due to board a flight in Newark to return to Israel. Non-residents are only allowed to enter Israel with special permission, and while I've been told verbally that we have it for our incoming staff, we've received nothing in writing. It's a question whether I'll even be allowed to board the aircraft:

"You cannot trust us to let you face trouble alone, and go off without a word"

Praying for month-old Khader from Gaza after his emergency surgery today at #shebamedicalcenter in Israel:

Ruth took the guitar and we started to worship when a grandmother from Gaza suddenly joined us in the kitchen. The Holy Spirit was present, and I stood close to the grandmother to let her see the words of the song. She started to cry, and I put my arm around her while singing:

With many doors closed for urgent Gaza children, and struggling to love and bless the 15 very tired families from Iraq, Syria and Morocco waiting for flights, and being stretched physically in our workload--it can be easy to wonder why we’re doing this work:

Asmaa is excited to announce that she is able to return to her family in Kurdistan after 3 open heart surgeries here in Israel! β™₯️

Shevet Achim communities help children from Gaza, Iraq and Syria come to Israel for open-heart surgeries. The first community formed in 1994 in response to the plea of a mother who came to Israel seeking life-saving treatment for her son at a cost of $64,000:

“Will you help us?”

Few of us have the resources to respond to a request like that. But we found if one person will hear that question–and then pray, give whatever they have, and share the child’s story–our Father will form a rescue community that unites all kinds of people around the shared goal of saving a child’s life. And doctors and hospitals in Israel are ready to partner with us and take more than half of the costs on themselves.

Here are some of the families of children who are asking the same question today: “Will you help us?”

How it Works:

Each of these children is invited for heart surgery in one of Israel’s largest hospitals, the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv, or Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. If God gives you the faith to intercede for one of these boys or girls, you can apply to become a local leader. When approved you’ll be given your own page on this website through which you can call together friends, family, and neighbors, to join you in meeting the financial goal. Everyone agrees that a child’s life should be saved–you’ll find yourself partnering with people you never would have expected! You’ll share with them regular updates on your child’s progress, including updates sent from the Shevet Achim community in Israel. And you’ll be invited to come and personally meet your child while he or she is in Israel for surgery.

Here’s how you can get started.

And here are the stories of the children now in Israel: