Prophets Street

Access Denied

Should the “Shevet Achim” principle from Psalm 133 (brothers living together in unity) be extended beyond medical care? Our work started in 1994 when we first came face to face with the reality that many of our neighbors’ children couldn’t get into the hospitals in Israel for essential, lifesaving treatment. Did you know that a… Read more »

Christian Hate for Muslims

The most popular page on the orthodox Jewish website today is a video of the “Son of Hamas” speaking in Germany, followed closely by an article titled “Why Jews Don’t Believe in Jesus.” It is undeniably riveting to hear Mosab Hassan, son of a founder of the Hamas movement, proclaim that he loves Israel…. Read more »

The Power of No Partiality

It’s a revelation for every poor, marginalized, outcast or forgotten family that crosses the borders of Israel with us seeking heart surgery for their child. “They treated our child just like an Israeli child–no difference!” These families have never before been valued simply for being human, made in the image of God. It’s always been… Read more »

When Truth Becomes Clear

The use of battlefield weapons against a trapped civilian population. That was the charge made against Israel during the fighting in the Gaza Strip three years ago, and it deeply hurt and humiliated and angered Muslims everywhere. Now to their horror they’re seeing it happen before their eyes in the Syrian city of Homs, and… Read more »

Liars Who ‘Love God’

Several years ago the Muslim Scholars Association in Iraq learned that children from their country were coming to Israel for life-saving heart surgeries. Outraged, the religious leaders went to the Iraqi parliament and demanded an end to this travesty. In the following flurry of publicity, some of our partners were indeed frightened away from helping… Read more »

Who Deserves to be Saved?

A year ago a lieutenant colonel in the IDF was praised in the media, after he and his men in the Jordan Valley brigade helped a Palestinian mother give birth, resuscitated the baby boy, and then evacuated both mother and child by helicopter to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. It was a beautiful demonstration of the… Read more »

Rome or Jerusalem?

This week Michelle, our son Zak and I went for our first visit to Italy, to mark our upcoming thirtieth marriage anniversary. The impetus for the visit came from Michelle, whose family roots are all in Italy. But I was surprised by the impact that seeing Rome had on me as well. We saw countless… Read more »

He Who Sits in the Heavens Shall Laugh

The once-unimaginable happened today, as the Egyptian election commission announced that Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi will be the next president (with as yet undefined powers). Serious enemies of the Jewish state–linked to the murder of Anwar Sadat for making peace with Israel–are now closer to taking control of one-fourth of the population of the… Read more »

Clashing Civilizations in the Amman Morgue

Death is the great equalizer, and I certainly saw a cross-section of the people of Jordan as I sat waiting in the Amman morgue for a few hours on Shabbat morning. A Palestinian-Jordanian sheikh with a silver beard and a white robe, when he learned we were helping children go to Israel for heart surgeries,… Read more »

Common Ground in a Jerusalem Emergency Room

We had an unexpected visit to the emergency room of Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus Thursday night, after our Palestinian coworker Yousef was startled by unfamiliar chest pain. As we entered the security door a slapping, pushing, shouting brawl broke out when a young Arab man wanting to see his sick friend tried to push… Read more »

How Our Muslim Neighbors See the Conflict in Gaza

While some in the West are emphasizing Israel’s right to defend itself from rocket fire from Gaza, our neighbors here in the Middle East seem united this week in condemning Israel’s response, using words such as massacre and criminal. How can people see the same events so differently? Three times this week I’ve seen the… Read more »

The Root of Our Region’s Conflict

Our community will not accept as members any who champion Jews over and against Muslims, or Muslims over and against Jews. Holding such an attitude calls into question whether we have yet understood the grace of God, which¬†bought as at such a dear price¬†that we no longer have the right to withhold grace from our… Read more »

Look What’s in the Mailbox

Our community sat in amazement last month during a morning meeting at Prophets Street, as coworker Larry Krieg read from correspondence he and his mother received when he was a nine-year-old boy from C.S. Lewis, who was then at the height of his fame. Though crippled with arthritis, Lewis wrote page after page of thoughtful,… Read more »