Local Leaders

From and For a Heart

Rachel Klas, Kirkland Washington, December 26, 2011 I have a job that tends to leave me a bit… tense. So, when I stumbled upon a local arts center, I signed up for Clay 101, joking with myself that the fee was cheaper than therapy. I kept my job, so I kept taking classes, and I found… Read more »

A Heart Like Shiloh’s

Ryan Gregg, February 23, 2012 Meet Shiloh, a six-year old local leader from rural Manitoba. She is not your run-of-the-mill cutie. Behind these sparkling blue eyes is a heart that cares for the hearts of others. For Shiloh’s sixth birthday, she asked her friends to give her things that she could give to the children… Read more »

Treats for Heart Treatment

Candace Wisely, March 11, 2012 Each Friday in the month of February, six sophomore ladies at Southwest Christian High School in Chanhassen, Minnesota treated their classmates to homemade snacks and baked goods. Together they are in a discipleship group, and decided to raise money for life-saving heart surgeries in the Middle East. The girls learned… Read more »

Climbing The Highest Peak In Wales

Clive Owen, September 16, 2012 Tony pointing to the summit of Snowdon Our sponsored “walk” up Snowdon (the highest mountain in Wales and second highest in the UK) last Wednesday, September 6th was completed successfully. It was a hard climb but my friend Tony Hathaway and I made it to the top. Our aim as… Read more »

Images of Hope

Caroline Cox, October 22, 2012 St. George’s Church in Barcelona has supported the work of Shevet Achim for a number of years. Recently Sally Morton, coordinator of Shevet Achim UK, spoke in a church service here and shared the Shevet Achim calendars. The photos in the calendar beautifully captured the way heart surgeries in Israel bring restoration… Read more »

Doing My Part

Jessica Thurley, October 28, 2012 My name is Jessica and I’m fourteen years old. I first saw the work of Shevet Achim in action when we visited the Wolfson Medical Centre in Tel Aviv, Israel when I was just five (above picture). On that occasion I filled a suitcase with soft toys to give to the… Read more »

On Stand for Children’s Heart Surgeries

Jessica Thurley, March 21, 2013 Recently I was at an ICEJ conference in Billinge (Wigan), where I had a stand for Shevet Achim to raise funds and awareness! I was selling hand-made crafts and sets of cards on which were printed photos of flowers, boats, and wildlife I had photographed in Israel. I was amazed… Read more »