Wael’s admission

Wael was taken today from the Ashdod house to Hadassah Hospital for his admission there. He slept in the van.

Once we arrived to Hadassah, the admission process kept Wael fairly occupied…

looking around and being very quiet.

Then a nurse placed a blood pressure cuff on Wael’s wrist and all good feelings were gone.

They asked Wael and his mother to wait in a small play room at the end of the hall. There was a little orthodox Jewish child in the room with his father, who was very kind to Wael. He encouraged the two boys to share the rocking horse, which Wael did. Wael was very gracious.

Soon their room was ready. Wael is presently receiving an antibiotic IV so that the lung congestion can get cleared up once and for all. We said goodbye, and that we’d visit them in a day or two.

Trusting God with the rest.