First assessments

Brwa had his first evaluation at Sheba hospital today, including an ECG and two echoes. He’s a sweet, sleepy little guy and was quiet and content for most of the process. He wasn’t quite sure about the first echo, but a bottle and some snuggles from his mom helped. After that, he slept right through the second echo.

Brwa’s echoes showed that his heart is a bit complicated. His great arteries are switched, so deoxygenated blood is being carried to his body while oxygenated blood circulates back to his lungs. He also has two holes in his heart–one between the upper chambers that was created in a catheterization in Kurdistan, and one between the lower chambers. These holes are actually helping him survive right now, as they’re allowing some oxygen-rich blood to flow to the body. In addition, his coronary arteries–the small arteries that supply blood to the heart– are not formed properly and this will be difficult to correct in surgery.

Brwa needs a CT scan to help the doctors understand his heart more completely before surgery. Please pray for him and his mother as they wait for his operation.