A little afraid

After arriving in Israel just yesterday, Lalo already had his first echo at Sheba Hospital today. The doctors still remember him as he was here a little over a year ago.

Lalo loved to run around in the waiting area, to play with everything he could possibly find and was smiling a lot the whole time. But as soon as he had to enter the echo room, his smile was gone. He is afraid of the doctors, the nurses, and all their equipment.

Lalo’s father speaks perfect German and so translation was for me today very fun and easy. Lalo’s pulmonary artery is very narrow and his doctor was a little shocked how bad the numbers have been, but at the same time he was very happy and surprised at how well Lalo is doing. He is active, doesn’t have any symptoms and his oxygen was 100% today.

Lalo will have a CT scan as soon as possible and will probably have a cath already next week. This is most likely the only procedure he will need here in Israel. The doctors want to make everything very fast for him so that he doesn’t have to stay away from his mother for too long.

Let us pray for Lalo and his whole family because they are missing each other very much!