Three months birthday!

Hazhin’s dad was very excited today to go with me into the room of his daughter, proudly telling me that today is her three months birthday. She is so big already! A very kind nurse came to us and directly asked if she should tell us how Hazhin is doing. It was very nice for his dad because he felt a little bit lonely in the hospital the last days as it is hard for the doctors to communicate with him.

Hazhin is slowly getting better thank God. They could stop the dialysis and she is peeing again which is a very good step towards her next surgery. The doctors also started to lessen her medication and she is slowly waking up so that they can, God willing, extubate her soon.

After her next echo, they will decide if her heart is already strong enough to have the next surgery. She is also sometimes opening her eyes now and her dad was very excited to tell me that and also to show me. Let us thank God for all the improvement that Hazhin has already made and how far he has brought her!