Diagnostic echo today

On his first day in Israel, Sineor had a diagnostic echo at Hadassah Hospital.

After a few hours of sleep in the Shevet Guesthouse Jerusalem, Sineor and his mother needed to go to the hospital for his appointment.

As soon as we arrived there, at the desk, the person in charge needed to create an internal profile for Sineor.

The echo takes more time than the Mom was expecting, so she started to ask if everything was fine, because two more doctors entered to the echo area to check Sineor’s heart.  They were pretty curious about Sineor’s heart,since because his oxygen rate was 90-95.

After the echo, Sineor’s mother was asking if her son will have surgery soon, to which the doctor replied yes, he will be admitted at some point in the very near future to the hospital to make his surgery.