Always by her side

When we arrived to Sheba Hospital early this morning, Hazhin’s father was already by her side. He is Hazhin’s constant companion, continuously watching over her, talking to her and holding her tiny hand. It was a beautiful picture of devotion.

We were hoping to find out a surgery date today, but as of now there are a few things that require time and care before proceeding. Her doctor explained that there is an infection in her center line, so it must be removed and a new one placed in her neck. Additionally, she has quite a bit of fluid in her abdomen which needs to decrease before proceeding. The echo was completed this morning and we are still awaiting the results from the cardiologist. This will ultimately determine the surgery date.

We thank God for her physicians‘ skillful hands and discernment. He has placed Hazhin in the hands of nurses who care for her as a precious gift from above. Join us in prayers of thanksgiving for His provision and protection over Hazhin. Also, let us petition in one accord for the elimination of her abdominal fluid as well as a positive echo report so the surgery may proceed quickly.