Progress after surgery

I visited Fatoum in the intensive care unit today after her surgery, which took place a few days before. A doctor told me that there is still air trapped in the lungs. That’s why they use a tube to drain air from the chest now. Fatoum is doing better today than yesterday, but she still has to stay for another monitoring.

Lord, please help Fatoum and her mother at this challenging time. The mother told me that Fatoum has been depressed and sad since her surgery. Please give her new strength and recovery. It was even more beautiful to see Fatoum smiling for a photo today. Her mother was also very happy to see her daughter happy after days of sadness. And when I left the hospital at the end of a long day, I even saw Fatoum take the first small steps with her mother. How nice to see that. That makes optimistic about progress!