First echo

Today Azhan had his first echo in Hadassah hospital. We took the light train to go to the hospital.  He enjoyed the view and the experience.

It took time for the doctor to identify Azhan’s heart condition, but when the echo ended, he said, “It’s a good diagnosis for a good surgical repair.”

Azhan has a heart defect between the two ventricles that needs to be closed and in his right ventricle, Azhan has an accessory muscle that needs to be removed. The valve from his heart to his lung of is leaking a little bit, but according to the echo, and to the doctor, Azhan’s valve condition is not serious and doesn’t need to be touched.

His family is relieved with the news. I had the opportunity to talk with Azhan’s father via cell phone.  He expressed how much he’s grateful for and feels blessed through us.  He refers to the medical staff at Hadassah as being part of the Shevet Achim team.

Azhan doesn’t have a complex condition to repair, and God willing, what he does need done, will be repaired with the upcoming surgery. The doctor expects to admit Azhan next week to the hospital for the procedure.