Lost1kg of fluid

We heard yesterday that over the weekend at Sheba Hospital, Hazhin lost almost 1 kg of fluids that were in her body because her kidneys are not working properly. This huge improvement surprised me very much because the dialysis wasn’t working as the doctors hoped it would the days before. When I asked them today, they were still waiting for the results, but later we heard that Hazhin still needs to lose more fluid before she can get be removed from dialysis.

At noon when I visited her for the first time, she had her eyes open not because she’s actually awake, but more because the sedation medication she’s getting makes her open her eyes unintentionally. Her kidney failure causes her skin to have red spots and look kind of yellow. For the second time I visited her later on in the afternoon, Hazhin’s eyes were closed with medical tape to prevent them from becoming dry.

It is really hard to see her like this knowing how beautiful her big brown eyes looked just a few weeks ago before she went to the hospital. Her father is really worried and not doing so good right now, so we should all pray for him as well as for Hazhin. We pray for improvement in her kidney treatment, improvement in health in general and for all the staff treating her. We pray for Hazhin’s family as this time is really difficult, especially for her mother.