Bronchoscopy postponed

Today our cute boy Saif returned to Sheba Hospital from Gaza for an ENT appointment where he should get admitted for a bronchoscopy tomorrow morning. Doctors also wanted to find out if he is ready for his tracheostomy to be removed or whether he needs a bigger or smaller tube.

However, after some long waiting hours without a lot happening, Saif’s doctors told us that there were some communication problems when his bronchoscopy was scheduled and that there is no ICU bed free for him now.

Therefore, Saif’s admission and procedure was postponed for another two weeks. Seif and his mom are now staying for a few days in our house in Ashdod where they will wait for an echo appointment for Saif that was ordered for next week before returning home to Gaza.

Please pray that next time his procedure will work out and that they will have a blessed and restful time with us meanwhile!