Celebration of discharge and 2nd birthday

It was really a special day for Miran! Not only that after his successful catheterization he was discharged from the hospital and returned to our family home in Ashdod, but we could also all celebrate his second birthday together. Lord, we want to thank you for Miran’s second year. May you continue to watch over Miran and never leave his side.

When I picked up Miran and his mother from the hospital, a nurse repeated how well the catheterization had gone. The doctors were able to do everything that was planned and there were no abnormalities afterwards. On Monday, however, Miran’s doctor wants to do a check-up again, probably an echo and ECG.

But first we made our way home to Ashdod where the other families were already eagerly waiting for Miran to wish him a happy birthday. In the evening, we all ate cake together and gave Miran a small gift. He was happier about that than about an oversized balloon in the shape of a two – this made him a little uncomfortable.