Infinite energy

In the last few days, and especially today, San had the opportunity to let all his energy flow into the move. The Jerusalem-community is moving from the small guesthouse in the centre of Jerusalem to a big four-appartement house close to Hadassah Medical Center. And today was the first time he saw the house.

Though he wasn’t helping with unpacking the boxes or with cleaning the house he took over an essential part: keeping us entertained. Either by grabbing random stuff out of the boxes and playing with it or by running through the new garden and escaping through the little gate. It is unbelievable that no matter what he is going through or how early he had to wake up: he never seems to lose his energy. He is not getting tired of running through the whole house or of fooling around with the other Kurdish child that is living with us. We love him so much for just being himself and could barely imagine this new house without him.

Feel free to join us in prayer for little San. May the Lord make his time here unforgettable for all of us, that we are getting closer and closer and that he can enjoy the next few days here in this house before his long awaited Echo.