They wheeled her Masah away

On Friday, I met two-week old Masah and her mother. Masah was sleeping peacefully as her mother prepared a bottle to care for her beautiful daughter. I returned to the hospital today to sit with Masah’s mother as doctors took her daughter into surgery. She was very emotional as they wheeled her Masah away.

She contacted her husband by phone and he was able to encourage her. It was sweet to see how they interacted, at times talking and other times just looking at each other for support. And an hour or so after surgery started, Masah’s paternal grandfather was able to come give Masah’s mother a hug and sit with us too. She was so happy to have him to talk with. He was able to make her laugh and we all went outside for some fresh air.

When we came back inside, Masah was out of surgery. It took just under three hours for the doctors to put a shunt in which allows more oxygen to reach her lungs. The doctor said she was stable and would be in the hospital approximately seven days before returning to Gaza.

Masah was still very beautiful, even with all the tubes! I asked her mother if she was able to sleep at night and her reply was no, she was fighting for her daughter!

God has blessed Masah with a wonderful, devoted mother and family. Please pray that our Great Physician will continue to heal this baby and also that the family will feel God’s presence in amazing ways!