Early morning ER visit

Our gorgeous little Arya developed another ear infection late yesterday afternoon and by evening it was causing him some discomfort.

After some paracetamol for overnight, we planned an early morning run to the Pediatric ER of Sheba Medical Center to get our little man looked at.

Coworker Doro and I wove our way quietly through the early morning traffic as Arya enjoyed another sleep. We waited for Arya to be seen in the ER while his mother kept him amused by blowing him lots of bubbles.

Finally we were able to see the doctor, and then began the usual barrage of questions that need to answered. Arya, to his credit, did well holding it together. Then came time for the doctors to check him out.

Well, a little man can only take poking and prodding for so long before he decides enough is enough. Having to do this three times with three different doctors proved a little too much at such an early hour in the the morning. Thankfully, mum was there to help dry the tears and calm the waters. Eventually things seemed better after snuggling awhile with mum. It still amazes me what a little mother’s love can do.

Another course of antibiotics and some ear flushing should see our little man back to his usual happy self. Please pray for Arya’s up-coming ENT appointment to hopefully help with his ongoing ear infections. Lord we thank you for this lovely cheerful man and pray that you watch over him and his awesome mother.