MRI postponed

Today we collected  Mahdi from Erez and brought him to Sheba Hospital for his MRI. Two months ago he was at Sheba for a follow-up Echo and there his doctors let us know that he may need another surgery. So for now they want to collect all possible information and images.

After we checked him in, we had to wait for hours until it was our turn to be seen. But Mahdi used that time wisely and slept for a bit.

Firstly, Mahdi was given an IV-canal. It was really hard for him since he was scared a lot by the needle. But coworker Luisa managed to calm him down with the help of an Arabic- speaking doctor. When that was done we had to wait a bit longer and then it was finally time for his MRI. I wasn’t allowed to come with him, only his mother. I made myself ready to wait for another half an hour. Then Mahdi came out after only five minutes. Apparently he refused to lay on the table of the MRI machine. So we will make another appointment for him with anesthesia next time.

After we managed everything, we made our way back to the car. As soon as Mahdi saw it, he was laughing, happy to be out of the clinic. So we drove as fast as possible to Erez so he could be back home soon.

Please pray for Mahdi, that he won’t be too scared of his next MRI appointment and also that the doctors will get good images to decide about a possible surgery.