Examinations and Ice Cream

Today was a big day for Niyan! It began at Sheba Hospital with a CT scan in the early morning hours. We didn’t have to wait long for her name to be called. Niyan, a bright and cheerful girl, went into it bravely. Her father paced anxiously as he waited. He loves his daughter very much, and it pained him to not be by her side.

The CT scan took about an hour when all was said and done. After that, Niyan had to visit the Sheba dentist, as teeth infections can cause potentially dangerous complications in heart surgeries. We walked to the dental clinic slowly, as Niyan was feeling a bit woozy from the anesthesia. The dentist asked her name, and she proudly answered in English, “My name is Niyan.” She then handled the entire examination like a champ, cooperating beautifully with the dentist.

Unfortunately, she has several teeth infections that will need to be treated. The dentist recommended a general anesthesia within a month, during which all her oral problems will be treated. Her father was unhappy with the news–yet another obstacle to their return home.

We ended the day with, perhaps ironically, a trip to the Sheba ice cream store. Niyan thoroughly enjoyed a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and talked for much of the time she was eating. I couldn’t understand most of it, but the three of us had a good time.

Pray that Niyan will be able to quickly get to surgery, for her and her father’s sake; pray that the dental procedure will go smoothly; and pray for complete healing for this beautiful girl.