To the ER

Last night, Kenan’s mom called us and said that Kenan wasn’t doing well. He vomited four times and had a really bad cough. His mother was really worried. To be on the safe side, we decided to take him to Sheba Hospital’s Pediatric ER. When we finally got there at 4 am in the morning, doctors checked him, did some tests and gave him antibiotics and fluids. They then decided with Kenan’s cardiologist to  admit him so they could do more tests to determine what was making him unwell.

Until his room in the ward was ready, we had to wait several hours. Thankfully Kenan was sleeping most of the time and so also his mother and I could rest a little. While waiting, I talked shortly to Kenan’s mother. She is having a hard time every time she’s in hospital with Kenan since they’re separated from their family. Since Kenan was born, they had to be in hospital so many times and often for a long period of time. Please pray for her so that she can be encouraged and that they can soon leave the hospital again with Kenan feeling better.

Later this morning Kenan woke up and ate a little, but not much. For most of the time he was either sleeping, coughing or crying. He wasn’t feeling well the whole night and only when he slept he seemed okay. Almost at noon we could finally go to the ward where Kenan was then admitted.

Just a few minutes before the nurse in the ward came to take a few tests, Kenan was finally smiling brightly and being in a really good mood. He enjoyed his new bed so much! But once the nurse touched him to take two tests, he was screaming and crying again.

We’re thankful that our cute little boy is more or less okay now and in hospital with the right people to treat him. Please pray for him and his mother and that the doctors can find out soon why he hasn’t been feeling well and how they can help him.