Successful surgery this morning

Little Salma came out of her four-hour surgery at Hadassah Hospital in a stable condition! The surgeons were able to repair the aortic arch and to make a pulmonary banding, so everything went as planned. She is getting some blood and medication for her heart right now.

Please pray for a good recovery until the next intervention and for Salma’s mother who seemed today to be pretty exhausted and still worried about her precious daughter.

Salma’s mother did not attend to the OR this morning, as most mothers will do, at the recommendation of the ICU nurses. They said she hadn’t slept at all the last two nights and were concerned for her ability to withstand waiting out the surgery hours without resting. So as Salma was rolled away in her little bed at 8:30 this morning in the direction of the surgery floor, we left her mother resting in the ICU. The surgery lasted four hours. Salma was rolled back to the ICU at 12:30.

We are thanking God for her stability so far. She is still intubated.