A Perfect Surgery

Written by Berith:
Our little baby boy Mam is prepared and waiting to go downstairs for his big surgery. I have never before met such a peaceful and gentle mother as his, but when I put my hand on her back, her eyes got filled with tears. Please pray for the surgeons that they don’t miss anything, and that the mother will receive good news about her beloved son.

Written by Elise:
Today was the day of Mams surgery at Hadassah Hospital. We left our community house early in the morning and checked him into the pre-surgery ward of the hospital. After some waiting our little boy got a way too big pajama, which looked really cute, and then we were on our way to the surgery room.
His mother was allowed to stay with him until the anesthesia started. She came back to us in tears and coworker Berith and I could only try to comfort her. And then the long waiting time began.

We got some coffee and food and after a few hours we were told that the surgery was over. We could finally meet Mam in the ICU. There we met one of the surgeons. He let us know they were able to fix the huge VSD (hole in the wall between the two ventricles) that comes with the heart defect DORV. By that they could already place the Aorta right, so they didn’t have to switch the great arteries actively. They also placed a PA-band to control the blood flow to the lungs, which was way too strong due to the heart condition before the surgery. By this, the heart can get used to the right blood pressure, the band will be removed in a future intervention.

All in all, the whole surgery went really good and even better than planned. Praise God.

For now our little boy is asleep and still intubated, his mother is getting used to this new situation. Please pray for both, that the Lord will keep them safe and that they can grow stronger through those new circumstances.