Waving her hand

Today we got a notification from Hadassah hospital that they need some help taking care of Wateen in her room in the pediatric ward. The PICU staff are caring for babies by themselves, but the pediatric ward is far less intensive in patient care. So my daughter Yieun and I went to Wateen’s room to help her grandmother who couldn’t manage well this nine day-old baby. My daughter Yieun always said that she wants to take care of lonely babies and today was the best educational opportunity for her.

When we arrived in the room, Wateen’s hair as she had thrown up on it and the blankets were wet as was her diaper. But Wateen was too cute and beautiful to whine any more. After the cleaning of everything, we took photos of these tiny and small girls and suddenly Wateen raised her small left hand and opened her palm!

Look at Wateen’s tiny hand. She was waving and saying hello to all of us but her hand was too short to reach this elder sister and didn’t yet know how to make that small heart sign.

Afterwards, she seemed stabilized and was sleeping. A few hours later, medical staff finally succeeded to connect an IV line to her scalp where they were able to find a vein and made a turban-like protector to keep the difficult IV line.