Fruits of endurance

We have been trying to get any progress for Asmeen’s hernia removal for a few months now, since it began causing her pain and discomfort, but this has so far been a long and difficult process. Her MRI needed to pave the way to surgery was originally scheduled for April, but after a blessed trip to the MRI and imaging clinic last week, we got it moved to this sunday, so needless to say we were excited and grateful for the opportunity.

We arrived before the secretaries were even opened up, so we made pretty good time, and got to the waiting. After a short wait while we tried filling out the very confusing patient-questionnaire in Arabic, they called us back and gave Asmeen anaesthesia to begin the MRI. After an hour or so they brought her back out, and we were able to wait til she woke. Due to her early morning and general lack of sleep the night before, she slept significantly longer than intended, and could only be roused briefly by the Cocomelon jingle (a popular kids show.) Eventually though, she did get up, only to fall back asleep after eating.

Now we are simply at a point where we will wait for results and a surgery to be scheduled. It is a bit of a tricky procedure, it will require them to cut against the stomach lining, but we have faith that God will not stop bringing Asmeen through after she has spent half her life in treatment for her various health issues.