First Assessment

In contrast with his game of football on the beach yesterday with friends and community members, today has been very different for Maen. He travelled to Sheba hospital for the first time. Maen is always alert and observant and enjoyed the trip in the rain.

During the echo and ECG he was calm and cooperative only succumbing to little boy fidgets a couple of times. With help of an Arabic speaking nurse, Maen’s father was able to explain Maen’s story so far to his Israeli doctor.
She explained that the first step for Maen will be a catheterisation to measure his pulmonary pressures, which she thinks are quite high. The doctor said careful consideration will be given when they are deciding how to close the 2 VSD’s so as not to increase the pressure in the lungs. This is where we can help, by praying the doctors make wise decisions in the coming days. We praise God that Maen is here at the Jaffa house at this time and rely on Him totally Maen’s complete recovery.