Patience and Peace Through Surgery

Today I was given the chance to visit the hospital. We walked around and dropped off a few things the different Shevet families had asked for. After a while we found Nila’s mother and were able to talk to her. She had just come from dropping off Nila to surgery. She was upbeat but worried. Personally, due to the language barrier, I was not able to talk to Nila’s mother but Sophie and Georgia were able to. She is exhausted as Nila hasn’t slept much in the past five days.

I am astonished at the strength of the mothers of these children. They continually go, caring for their children, talking to other people, catering to everyone but themselves. The amount of phone calls each mother makes to update people is incredible. Nila’s mother greets everyone in Arabic even though she speaks Kurdish.  She smiles at everyone even though she is very worried about her child. She told us that the surgery is expected to take 6 hours.

It was hard for me to wait as I couldn’t say or do anything due to the language barrier and the necessity of just sitting and being. At some points just giving encouraging facial expressions or even pained ones to recognize the mother’s struggle was helpful.

We waited around six hours and finally Nila was done and her mom could go in and see her. I was able to visit for a bit a few minutes later and she seemed to be doing well though still asleep from the medicine. Her mom was very happy to be with her again. God definitely provided patience and peace for both me and Nila’s mother today. It would have been great to have been able to communicate with mom better. Praise God Nila’s surgery went well. Please continue to pray for her healing.