Wonderful Gaza Clinic

Today was a wonderful day at Wolfson. The echo clinic was attended by 5 children and their guardians with others present from the West Bank.

As a team from Shevet today we were blessed to be joined by 3 members of the Teshuva band who all did a great job of getting stuck in with helping at the hospital. There was a real sense of joy in the waiting area today as we got to know lots of new people from Gaza, the West Bank and Israel. It was a much calmer clinic than normal and I thank God so much for this combined with some extra pairs of hands allowed us to spend more rime with individual families and also to build our relationships with those who work at the hospital. Praise God for this!

Abed and Father

God our provider also foresaw what we could not. Having expected at least 10 children in clinic today we had prepared 20 lunches to give out. Our abundance of food today meant that we were able to offer out sandwiches and fruit to most of the waiting room! It was such welcome nourishment to all who received it.

One of the children attending the clinic today was admitted to hospital as She has a scheduled catheterisation tomorrow. All of the other children had positive echos and will be reviewed again in clinic in the near future.

Coloring with Gena

How lovely it is to have an opportunity to meet and share with our neighbours in Israel. We thank God for the healing work he has done in the lives of each of these precious children. Each one is loved so much more than they could know at the moment. Please pray with us for our work with families from Gaza that God will bless conversations and continue to use us in ways which show best His loving heart.