Surgery Day!

We are just so thankful to God that Birhat’s surgery was brought forward to today. Diana arrived at Sheba early this morning to meet with mum as Birhat was taken to the operating theatre. Despite the inevitable tears and worry for Birhat as he went in for surgery, Birhat’s mum was so happy today to know that he was having his life changing operation.

It was lovely to spend time with our Shevet families as both Aram’s father and Birhat’s mother waited as their children were in the operating theatre. Marya’s dad also was with us providing moral support. We were as often is the case in these times at the hospital, an unlikely bunch of people together. However, it was lovely to share in this time genuinely hoping for the¬†best for each other.

In the early afternoon the doctor came out of the surgery and shared that it had been very successful. Some time later mum was able to be reunited with Birhat in the ICU and the nurse shared that he was doing well and may even be extubated today or tomorrow.

Looking at Birhat, his colour has already changed from the blue shade we have grown to know him as having. We pray for his complete healing and we thank God for allowing this little love to come and be with us in Israel and have this opportunity for life.