Welcome Razbar!

Julio, Sophie and I were happy to meet beautiful Razbar and her father this morning at the airport. She was quite upset and tired, but luckily she presented in a good condition. We already had her first appointment booked at the hospital, so we brought her here. Julio was with her and her father during the appointment, and was able to translate everything for the doctor.

Razbar’s diagnosis is Coarction of the aorta. We found out that she has some possible breathing difficulties which need further assessment. The dad had brought some helpful videos for the doctor to see.

Razbar was very upset during her echo! But for the rest of the time, she was happy and chatty. Julio is completely in love with her, and has really enjoyed listening to her babbling away, holding the phone up to her head.

Razbar needs some more assessments carried out before her surgery can be planned. Thank God for the helpful work from the secretary at the hospital, who worked her magic and had already booked an appointment for next week for one of the assessments.

Please pray for this little one and her family.