Surgery Tomorrow!

Today my mom and  I thought that we were going to have a short day at the hospital but just few minutes before we were going to leave, they called us and said, “tomorrow Razbar is going to have a surgery.” I was very happy for that, because her Dad has waited for this moment for a long time. So we had the pleasure of taking our smiling and sweet Razbar and her father to the hospital for her admission.

It was a long long day, but it was very beautiful. Although we can not speak their language, we had a good time. The surgeon explained everything to Dad. Thank the Lord someone translated into Arabic, so he could understand what is expected to happen tomorrow with his young daughter. After that we waiting for a while and we could get some  lunch, but the only one who ate the lunch was Razbar – she was really starving. Later we went for a chest x-ray and quick check from a doctor.

Although the waiting was so long they were really patient. Finally I went to the ward and the nurse was very nice with us. He understood that we were very tired for a such long day, so he tried to get Razbar’s room ready as soon as possible. They brought food, blankets and sheets for them. They asked a lot of question about Razbar. We were very happy that finally she was in the room. My mom and I left the hospital, and Razbar’s dad was very happy that we went with them through everything. Our beautiful Razbar cried when we said bye to her. Tomorrow she is going to have her surgery early in the morning. Please pray for her, for wisdom for the medical team and a good surgical report. We declare the power and healing of God in this beautiful life.