A Complex Heart

When Margarita and I went into the secondary ICU we saw our beautiful Nyaz and her mother. Nyaz was crying a lot because she was fasting to prepare for the cath, so she was really starving. We prayed for her and we also tried to play with her. She still has water in the lungs so they put a drain in some days ago.

We went to visit another child and then we came back to see Nyaz. But we only found mom who was already in the OR and was in a really good mood. We had a lovely lunch together and after we went to the waiting room. This cath took a little more that 3 hours and finally Nyaz came out. The doctor explained everything to mom and took her time to answer each question that mom had. Wareen’s dad and Suhail helped her to understand it better through translation. They fixed some things and also they found more things that are very important to decide the next steps. For now we need to wait and see how she will be with the changes that they made. Mom was a little sad because her beautiful baby has a complex heart but I know that God is going to continue making a big miracle in her body. Please pray for Nyaz, for complete healing and that soon they can come back home.