CT Scan

Ali had his chest CT scan this morning. Because he is so young, it was done under sedation by anesthesia, and he frightened them a little bit due to his blue color and low oxygen levels.

Mom was really brave, even when they made her step out of the room during CT. As soon as they told her she could go to the recovery area, she jumped up and ran to be with him!

It has been difficult for Ali’s mom to be told “wait, wait” for decisions about his care, especially as so many other children at the house are going for catheterizations and surgeries. Ali’s oxygen saturation’s have also fluctuated a lot in the past few days, with periods when he is more cyanotic (blue).  This makes everyone concerned about the wait. Ali’s mom is lovely and helpful at the house, often helping with the other children and translating for a Yazidi family from Syria who does not speak Kurdish.

After the doctors review the CT scan information, they can create a plan for this precious child with his unique heart.
Meanwhile, please Pray  for Ali, his beautiful and strong mom, and for the doctors.  Pray that Ali and mom receive the comfort of Jesus through this long and stressful process.