Needing Prayers

Mohammed was discharged from Hadassah Hospital Wednesday, to wait for his scheduled cardiac catheterization on Monday (he will be re-admitted to Hadassah on Sunday).

He and mom are gradually adjusting to life at the house in Jaffa, which is quite busy and sometimes chaotic with so many families in these past few weeks!

Dale, who transported Mohammed and his mom from near Amman, has been a great support to both mom and little Mo in these past few days— they’ve been on short walks to the beach,  and around the neighborhood.  Last evening they attended the farewell party for Darbaz.  Mohammed definitely liked the singing and the chocolate frosting from the cake!

I believe that the Lord has given us these extra days in order to intercede for Mohammed— that the catheterization will show that his lung pressures are low enough to allow this surgery.

Most parents pray that their child WILL NOT need surgery- in this case, please pray with us that Mohammed WILL BE a good candidate for surgical correction, and that his thin, frail body will tolerate the surgery, which will be higher risk due to his age (if care had been available, he would have had surgery before 6 months of age).

Nothing is too big or hard for our Father!  Let’s pray together and watch his mighty power in the lives of Mohammed and his family.