I was very excited to go to the hospital today in anticipation of seeing the families and especially Hassan and his aunt. Both are lovely! Hassan is well. He sleeps well and keeps smiling during the day. Four days ago he had water in his lungs but after a new test today it was all gone – that’s great! He has some pain in his feet but doesn’t cry! This is good to know and very helpful for his aunt because she’s tired a lot.

Every time I go to see Hassan I see her standing at his bed and watching him, caring him and not leaving him alone. She is a beautiful woman. She is loving and caring for him with endurance. She wouldn’t sit down to get some rest and relax her feet so she has some pain. Please let us keep both of them in our prayers. Especially their pain and wounds, their hearts but also their emotional well-being as Auntie is really missing home and her own children! She left them behind to make the needed treatment possible for him. I spent almost the same time working with Shevet Achim as she has been in the hospital with Hassan and it’s hard for me to imagine how difficult it must be for her not being able to leave the hospital, meeting friends or going for a walk in nature.

I remember my first day in the hospital and she was the one who I met first. Since then she has been special to me although we don’t get to see each other a lot. It was a blessing to have Moshe with me who was a great translator between Auntie and me since I don’t speak Arabic. I pray for strength to continue the walk of taking care of Hassan and staying at the hospital. And I pray for open eyes and a soft heart seeing the mighty works of God, her creator.