Peaceful Girl

Today when we entered Rafif’s room his grandmother was fixing the mobile she had hung over the bed as Rafif was looking around and being very alert. The grandmother was looking excited and we found out that the nurses were planning on extubating Rafif as she had improved over the weekend. 

This is such an answer to prayer as we had received different information from different staff members, some optimistic, some sad. We spent some time with Rafif and her grandmother and I introduced our new volunteer Joela to the amazing nursing and medical care that they provide at the Sheba paediatric cardiac ICU.

When I returned in the afternoon I found a different looking Rafif. Her face was no longer covered in tape to protect her from the tubing and for the first time I could properly see her beautiful face. A face that yes is jaundice but so peaceful compared to the last time I saw her.

We pray this improvement will continue and that Rafif and her grandmother will return home soon.