Gaza Clinic Adventure

Our day at the Gaza clinic at Wolfson can only be described as an adventure. As we only had six children with appointments it was decided to travel to the border and pick the children up rather than the children arriving in a taxi. This meant we took two cars with Jana and myself taking the first three children while Yousef and Moshe waited behind until the remaining children were able to make the crossing. This was not without its challenges. 

I have never been to the Wolfson hospital and Jana had to get fuel which meant she dropped the children, their accompanying adult and myself at the front entrance. We went to go through the security gate but where directed to the main security checkpoint which Yana had told me we do not use. The children’s and women’s visas were taken and we waited. 

And waited. By this point I was worried and madly praying that the security would let us through so that the children could go to their appointments, some of which were urgent. And so we waited some more and then amazingly the senior security officer let us through. Even though it was frustrating that we were made to wait, I was amazed at how helpful everyone was, they were just doing their job, protecting everyone in the hospital, even us. Goodness knows what we looked like, three lost looking women with children followed by a bewildered, out of place Australian.

Once we arrived at the hospital we then had to navigate the through the maze of corridors which is Wolfson hospital. Luckily the women knew the general direction and after an accidental detour we made it to the correct clinic where Jana and later Yousef met us with the rest of children.

It was a busy day at the clinic, the children had fun playing in the morning, many of them enjoying the colouring and games Jana had brought.

Four of the children were admitted, only one of which had been planned. Normally the children have an ECG and an echo before returning home so the fact they were admitted is of concern. As we learn more we will keep the Shevet community updated.

In the afternoon they became tired and took naps until a final burst of energy and then beginning the long trek back to Gaza.

We pray that all the families have seen the Father‘s love for them in our time together. Please pray for the children who were admitted into Wolfson hospital, that their admissions will be short and their heart problem can be easily fixed so they can quickly return to their families.