Roller Coaster

I feel like Dleza’s time at the hospital is comparable to a roller coaster. One day things are looking up, another day it’s going down rapidly. When I visited her last time I was so sure and full of hope that she will be discharged in a few days. Instead I found her in the secondary ICU today. This time she didn’t even talk to me. Just looking at me with these sad, tired eyes. Dleza’s wound has been infected which is why she had a small surgery yesterday. She had to go to the ER where they cleaned her wound for almost 2 1/2 hours.

It was nearly embarrassing to visit her, I felt so, so sorry. I didn’t even know what to tell her so I held her hand through the blanket, knelt next to her bed and started praying, asking God that she could come home to Shevet. She was so so exhausted she slept all day long.

I know that God has a great plan for Dleza’s life. She has such a beautiful character. Please pray:

…that she will feel Jesus’ unending love especially in this time at the hospital.
…that she knows she is not going through this alone even if it feels like that.
…that she will have even more joy than she ever had before.