Loving Father

A roller coaster of feelings…

…that’s little Gabi’s journey here in Shevet. After being admitted to the hospital, Gabi had to pass the next step in his journey towards being healthy: a cath.

We entered the hospital and found Gabi‘s father in front of the ICU, so we joined him during the wait. Gabi‘s father was very talkative and showed us pictures of his garden back in Kurdistan. It was very lovely to talk to him.

Even though Gabi’s cath started at eleven am and was scheduled for two hours, it turned two pm and Gabi wasn’t out of surgery yet. You could tell how Gabi’s father grew more and more worried every minute, but he stayed calm and trusting that it‘ll turn out well. Finally after four and a half hours, Gabi came out of the OR. Gabi’s father jumped up just to catch a look at Gabi. The wonderful love of a father shone through him.

Sadly the update we got on Gabi after the surgery wasn’t as good as we had hoped. The doctor told us that the procedure was quite complicated and that it didn’t really help to improve his extremely low oxygen saturation. Regarding his recovery the doctors will decide what to do next. Worries and relief were mixed in Gabi’s father as he entered the ICU to finally see his son.

But Gabi isn‘t only seen and incredibly loved by his earthly father, he is as well in the loving hands of God. This little guy‘s journey has been guided and directed by God all the way through. He helped him to live safely in Kurdistan until the Visa was finally permitted. Through God he was able to safely come to Israel without any complications and now he is in the hospital with amazing doctors taking care of him.

The same way Gabi’s father fights and cares for Gabi, so does our father in heaven.

“’Cause you know just what we need before we say a word

You’re a good good father, it’s who you are

And I’m loved by you, it’s who I am.”

(Chris Tomlin, Good Good Father)

Please pray for a good treatment for little Gabi and as well for strength and faith for his beautiful family.