God is in Control

Our little beautiful Rafif creates a mixture of feelings whenever I see her. Today I met Rafif’s doctor and I asked him about the results from a scheduled procedure. Sadly he told me that they weren’t able to perform this procedure, because little Rafif’s Glucose level went down. My heart dropped as I heard the news. I prayed and hoped for at least a little improvement in Rafif’s case and this did not sound like an improvement.

Still, the doctor hadn’t finished on his update. As he continued I got reminded of God’s control in every life. Rafif took on a surgery yesterday, in which the doctors were able to remove the infected pacemaker device and clean the wound. Looking at Rafif, this beautiful but so tiny child, I was amazed how Rafif kept fighting for her life. God carries her through and I can’t put into words how much strength I felt looking at Rafif. Our almighty father does not forget about his children, he is in control of every single life. We may not understand why things are happening a certain way but there is no doubt that God knows what he is doing. Rafif is alive and fighting against the disease in her body and there is hope. This little girl has a future and God is controlling and forming it in the most beautiful way.

Please pray for Rafif that she will get to experience this amazing future that God has planned for her.