When the Saints Go Marching In

“I prayed to the Lord, and he answered me…The helpless call to him, and he answers; he saves them from all their troubles.” Psalm 34:4-6

There has been some good news about Gabi today, with small improvement in his condition; he was able to sustain reasonable oxygen saturations with significantly decreased oxygen support. Since the last update due to the Rosh Hashana holidays, there has been no change to the treatment given to Gabi, yet his body is seeing this improvement. So we can choose to believe that the call to prayer has been heard by our great God who watches over His children, and who delights when they cry out to him for help and seek to come into relationship with him. Thank you saints for your faithfulness in prayer.

The doctor today explained that due to this little improvement in condition, they can consider whether his body might be able to tolerate a surgery to improve one of the valves in his heart.

Gabi still has very loud and congested breathing, and is generally very miserable. He sadly continued to moan during an echo today, saying “no” and crying. Its a sad sight to see, but it is so encouraging to know that there is hope. He will have a catheterisation tomorrow.

Gabi still needs for us to stand in the gap for him, and we ask you to join with us to march onto that battlefield and claim Gabi’s life in the name of our messiah, Yeshua.