Bringing joy to many

Although she entered the echocardiogram area with hopes to receive clearance to return to Kurdistan, Nvin’s mother graciously accepted the news when the cardiologist decided that it is safer to conduct another assessment in two weeks. Nvin’s mother wishes for all her daughters, especially Nvin, to be safe. Though Nvin has been growing well, Nvin’s heart function initially improved but then it reduced again.The cardiologist would like to continue monitoring her to ensure that it is safe to return to her family. It is wonderful to hear Nvin’s laughter and to see her contagious smile again. Even as we were waiting, she brought joy to many, including Dleza who is recovering in the hospital from her own surgery:

May God continue to renew her strength and to use her life for his glory. Even in her six months of life, Nvin has walked through the darkest valley. Yet the LORD is her shepherd who has been and will continue to guide her to peaceful streams.