Spending time with Shahad

Ever since Shahad’s first day at the hospital, Shahad and her mother both patiently waited for various exams. Shahad possesses an incredible amount of kindness, intelligence, and patience. Together we connected the numbers on a coloring sheet, decided whether to color the dog “black” or “green,” and exclaimed at the various types of ice cream on the coloring sheet. It truly is a joy to spend time with Shahad and her mother.


A few days ago a new medication to help with her irregular heart patterns was introduced┬áto Shahad. The doctors are monitoring her for side effects and trying to determine if it is safe for her to return to Gaza. As we counted the numbers on her coloring sheet together, it seemed as if the numbers on her monitor would not stop fluctuating and the projected hours of testing also kept fluctuating. From potentially only staying one night…to staying for 4 days…to 48 hours of monitoring…and now to an unknown time, Shahad and her mother have exercised great patience. Our hope is that she will be able to return to her family in Gaza soon, but our ultimate hope is in a God that transcends time but also possesses perfect timing.