Going home wiht a fuzzy red puppy dog

I poked my head around the corner eager to meet a new little friend on my very first visit to Sheba Hospital after arriving at Shevet. I was met by a smiling Mum and a “Na!” and a frown from a round little face who went on to explain to his mother that he wasn’t overly happy about a new visitor. He reminds me very much of my own little three year old nephew back home in Montana, and although I can’t understand his language, the facial expressions and intonation of children are universal and it is very clear things are not as he wishes them to be.

He continues to explain his frustrations to the person he is video chatting with as I pull a small fuzzy red puppy dog from my bag. This changes the situation and he decides that maybe this new visitor is not so bad after all. After playing peekaboo from behind the curtain for a bit, I make the dog sneak up the blanket and pounce onto his nose and am finally rewarded with the smile I have worked so hard to earn. He then shows off his prize to the person on the phone and begins exclaiming to his Mum about his new toy and throwing it into the air.

There is such reward in bringing joy to the face of a child who has been through so much, and after following his blog over the last few weeks it is great to see him doing so much better! We are hoping to be able to take him home with us today, but leave to visit the other children and will return later.

There are television cameras for a news interview today and he is a star. To maintain privacy their names are changed and he chooses to be Musa after his good friend Moshe who has visited him so often while he has been in the hospital. When we return a bit later he smiles at my arrival and I begin to play peekaboo around the curtain with him again. We are awaiting the release paperwork which could take minutes or several hours, but are pleased after only a short time that they are received and we can take him home with us! Praise the Lord! A very tired and sleepy little boy holds his mother’s hand as he walks out of the hospital and climbs into the car seat next to me. You can tell he is happy to finally be going back to his friends, but also exhausted from all that is going on in his world!

Upon our arrival at the base everyone is so happy he is back! He greets his friends and climbs into a chair in the living room glad to be back and content to watch everyone playing around him. All glory be to God for bringing him safely through all his procedures! Please continue to pray for a speedy recovery of his little body and good reports from his check ups in the weeks ahead.