The proverb “the early bird catches the worm“ didn’t apply today when Rover had to leave for the hospital at 7 o‘clock.

The traffic was very bad but Rover listened to his Korean music and didn’t really notice it. After arriving at the hospital Rover was scheduled to have a blood test whereupon we had to wait a very long time. But also in this time of waiting, Rover managed to stay happy by watching how the coffee machine works and playing hide and seek with me. Usually taking his blood requires a lot of effort because he is usually refusing and crying. Thanks be to God that he didn’t cry a lot today and he could show us his proud smile quickly afterwards.

During the time of waiting for the results we went to his physiotherapy appointment which was a lot of fun. Rover’s mum taught Rover a new game and he could spend some time painting,

playing with dinosaur or absolving one of the challenges the Therapist gave him.

Rovar’s body is showing some weakness in the right side of his body. After his surgery on Tuesday he will continue the physiotherapy to help him strengthen his body.

Back and forth we were waiting again to talk to one of his doctors about his blood. After such a long day (it was around 3 o’clock) full of waiting, walking and new adventures our little angel fell asleep in my arms.

It is such a great feeling to be there for Rover the whole day. Going with him through all his appointments and seeing him improving.

Finally his blood results were in and praise the LORD his blood has improved which is why he didn’t need a blood transfusion today.  We were able to go home! Tomorrow Rover will come back to the hospital to be admitted for his surgery on Tuesday. There is a lot coming for Rover and his mum. My prayer for them is to stay strong and happy. God may surround them with great doctors and nurses who can care for Rover and answer all his mum’s questions.

Please join me in my prayers!