A God-provided admission

As we did our first run to the hospital we thought that Israa wouldn’t be admitted today. We had no call and no notification but we kept praying and God came through. Checking the phone for the last time we got the message that Israa would be admitted. Praise the Lord! So we packed her up and her Dad and took them off to the hospital.

Once at the hospital, all we had to do was wait. Our beautiful girl enjoyed the time, smiling her gorgeous smile running around, sitting next to me, singing and making funny faces. Even though she clearly didn’t like the ECG, she stood through it bravely and it did not diminish her happiness.

It is such a privilege to get to know these kids. They’re beautiful masterpieces designed by our Heavenly Father. Israa‘s beautiful and smart mind gives her the ability to remember and sing English songs. This led to the two of us performing “Mommy Finger“ throughout the day.

Her Father took the wait as patiently as his daughter did even though he was worried about the surgery tomorrow. Lovingly, he took her on his arm whenever Israa needed it, which made her smile continuously.

As we finally entered the room where they would stay overnight, he did not leave her side and held her hand through all of the procedures that were needed. Israa’s Dad had a few questions regarding his beautiful girl which he couldn’t ask in English but God had taken care of the language barrier as well. Waiting for us to go home was also the Mum of Mustafa. She accepted her new job happily and translated all concerns and questions. The staff answered patiently and it seemed to take away a few of his worries. As we left , Israa had fallen asleep getting ready for her big day tomorrow.