In the image of God

It was our joy to receive Taman at the airport tonight alongside two other Kurdish families who have come for heart surgeries in Israel.

Taman is a seven-month boy diagnosed with Down Syndrome and Atrioventricular Canal. Taman has a diagnostic catheterization scheduled six days from now. From the first moment I met Taman, I had a feeling of gratefulness to God for bringing him to Israel. I am excited to listen to his family’s stories and to learn more about Taman.

Because of the imago Dei, we can develop an appreciation for self and others. Life inherits intrinsic value by virtue of its divine endowment. Taman has been created so beautifully in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). I pray that our care for him would be motivated by agape, a self-giving love that that reflects the incarnational and redemptive love of God in Jesus Christ.

We welcome Taman warmly to our home and we are so thankful for an opportunity to walk alongside Taman in his first journey in Israel.