An emotional day for Mustafa

After checking in at the desk this morning, Mustafa went straight to Neena’s room to take her some of her favorite chocolate that he bought for her yesterday.

He had his echo which brought the news that he will definitely need surgery to repair his heart as soon as possible. The Doctors also want to do a couple more assessments before surgery to see if he has Marfan Syndrome, as many people with his heart condition do.

Please keep him in your prayers that God would keep him until the surgery can be done and that it will be soon. After all this news Mustafa was a bit down and we took him to the music therapy room which was perfect! He had so much fun playing many different instruments and was able to laugh and take his mind off the circumstances for a bit.

He even convinced his mother to play with us. It was a beautiful time!

When we finished he waited very patiently for everyone else to be finished so we could go home. We continue to lift this family before the Father in prayer that he will continue to work in their lives and that He will give peace in the midst of the diagnosis today.