Sisterly love

When we met Mustafa’s mum at the hospital, he was in surgery already. She was full of smiles and very cheerful as we awaited in anticipation for Mustafa to come from his surgery. One of the nurses asked her to interpret for them with another Kurdish mother. Even though she was anxiously awaiting news of her son, she willingly agreed to help the nurses, still smiling as she went with them. Then she shared some lovely photos of her family back home with me. The pride was oozing from her, and it was a really special moment.

We had brought another child, Neena, to the hospital to have an assessment. It was really touching that Neena’s mother said she didn’t want to go back home after the test had finished, but to stay and support Mustafa’s mum.

This is true sisterly love.

I felt so sorry as Mustafa’s mum had pain in her back because of sitting so long, but still she had a smile. We found out that she hadn’t slept all night, just making sure her son was sleeping, the night before his operation.

Waiting for the surgery eventually felt agonising, but after a surgeon came out and gave us the good news that the operation was finished, we rejoiced together.Two hours later, another surgeon came and told us that they did not need to use a mechanical valve in the surgery, which was also wonderful news.

How we all celebrated! Throughout this long waiting, Mustafa’s mum was so calm and showed no signs of real stress outwardly, but as every mother will know, inwardly I’m sure things were very different. I truly found it a privilege to be rejoicing with this dear mother that her son is safe.
Please continue to pray for continual healing and strength for Mustafa and his mum .
Thank you .