Written by Margarita

Yesterday, co-worker Johanna and I were visiting Baby Wael and his Aunt at Hadassah Medical Center. Wael and his Aunt were waiting for his last Echo and the wait became a bit long. While we shared lunch with Auntie, we understood that she would be a little anxious, not knowing what was going to happen. When the time came, we were all waiting and watching. We took some pictures.

Then the doctor gave us the good news that Baby Wael could go home without any problem. We thanked God for that good news.

As they gave us permission to return Wael home, we communicated with our Jerusalem base where Claudia, another co-worker, was waiting to come collect us, and drive us to the Gaza border.

We also prayed, as always in Shevet, to place our trip in God’s hands. Our mission was to reach the Gaza border crossing before it closed.  For me, it was a new experience. I had never traveled to the border before.

Wael’s aunt was very happy and thanked us for all we had done. We returned to Jerusalem very happy for having been a support channel for the families in Gaza.